Nursery Journey

At Kidzonia, our little explorers, affectionately known as delicate buds, are preparing to grow and find a second home where their curiosity takes flight. These children, brimming with eagerness and a zest for exploration, actively engage in diverse activities such as action songs, water play, and outdoor adventures to refine their fine-motor and gross-motor skills. Through physical play, enriching field trips, playful running sessions, and collaborative group games, our nursery curriculum nurtures their holistic development. The children’s enthusiasm for new experiences extends beyond the classroom, fostering their understanding of the world around them. Our innovative curriculum and stimulating activities not only capture their interest but also seamlessly introduce fundamental skills in numeracy, literacy, reading, writing, and other emerging abilities. Cultivating warm and enduring bonds with peers, teachers, and support staff, along with engaging sensory-motor experiences, plays a pivotal role in shaping their cognitive development and establishing sturdy, emotionally resilient foundations for future growth.

3 years to 4 years