Play Group

Playgroup Journey

In our playgroup, little ones enter Kidzonia like delicate buds, on the verge of blossoming into vibrant flowers. Stepping out of their homes into the wider world, these children are in the midst of a beautiful transformation, eagerly awaiting the moment they can fully embrace their newfound experiences. Throughout their playgroup year, Kidzonia becomes a cherished extension of their homes, a place they eagerly anticipate returning to every day. Kidzonia International warmly welcomes the entire family into its nurturing embrace. Here, children find comfort in the presence of caring teachers and staff, form new friendships and bonds, and engage in a plethora of sensory adventures, including music, dance, art, creative activities, water play, and sand play. Before we realise it, these little buds have bloomed, prepared to embark on the next exciting stage of their learning and development journey.

2 years to 3 years