A Day Kidzonia

A Day at Kidzonia Unfolded

At Kidzonia International Preschool, we believe that every aspect of a child’s life is in our hands. Every day is thoughtfully planned to ensure that children return home with new knowledge and bright smiles!

Morning Greeting

Every day at Kidzonia begins with a heartfelt and distinct welcome from the class teacher, creating a positive atmosphere for the day ahead. During this time, the teacher introduces a new object or word related to the current theme, ensuring that each child learns something new daily. This interactive approach allows children to engage by touching, feeling, and experiencing new things, enriching their learning experience.

Circle Time

During this session, children come together, engage in group activities, and spend quality time with their peers before transitioning to the lively music and movement session. Here, they learn rhymes, rhythms, and different languages and enjoy action and laughter.

Learning Center

Kidzonia offers a variety of learning centre activities, including blocks, creative arts, dramatic play, library time, maths exercises, science experiments, and sensory activities. These moments are often filled with interactive, small-group activities.

Snack Time

After washing their hands and a brief prayer, children and teachers gather for snack time. During this period, discussions revolve around meal completion, table etiquette, healthy eating habits, and the significance of staying hydrated.

Theme Exploration

Each month, Kidzonia focuses on a distinct theme, guiding children through various aspects of the world. Activities, discussions, field trips, and engaging art and craft projects are employed to introduce and reinforce these concepts.

Physical Development

Outdoor activities like slides, ball pools, doll houses, and garden exploration with tunnels, simple exercises, and dance provide children with opportunities to enhance their gross motor skills. Our thoughtfully designed outdoor program supports their physical development.

Safe Dispersal

At Kidzonia, safety is our utmost priority. To ensure a secure departure for our little ones, we have implemented a unique security feature. Each child is provided with a personalised QR code, enabling us to automate the process of informing parents when their child arrives and leaves the school premises. This advanced technology offers peace of mind to parents, allowing them to track their child’s safe arrival and departure. The day concludes with our children leaving with bright smiles and a wealth of newfound knowledge, cherishing the learning experiences they’ve had.