Our Learning Spaces and Amenities

Our Learning Environment

The setting in which children learn greatly influences their creativity and growth. At Kidzonia, our learning spaces are meticulously designed to optimise creativity, with a focus on meeting the specific developmental requirements of children.

Outdoor Play Area

Engaging in outdoor activities plays a crucial role in a child’s gross motor development. That’s why every Kidzonia preschool features a designated outdoor play area, stimulating children’s movement and enhancing their gross motor skills. Here, children can interact with various outdoor structures like slides and ball pools or immerse themselves in sand, water, and a doll house. These activities, coupled with simple exercises and toys, contribute to their physical development and overall well-being.

Soft Gym

Kidzonia offers a unique soft gym setup featuring basic gymnastic-style exercises tailored for children. This specialised environment enables kids to progress from basic to intricate movements while ensuring their safety. Engaging in complex activities promotes developmental exercises, enhancing core strength and physical capabilities. Through experimentation within this setup, children not only boost their confidence but also acquire new skills. Active and exploratory soft play gyms provide a fun and stimulating atmosphere, facilitating the learning of motor skills in an enjoyable manner.
Engaging Activity Area

Engaging Activity Area

Our engaging activity area, where children embark on a journey of learning through hands-on activities and experiential learning kits. Here, young minds explore, experiment, and discover, enhancing their knowledge through interactive experiences. Our carefully curated activities stimulate curiosity, encouraging children to delve into the realms of science, art, and creativity. With a focus on experiential learning, kids engage with diverse materials and educational tools, fostering problem-solving skills and critical thinking. Our vibrant and interactive space nurtures a love for learning, promotes active participation, and sparks intellectual curiosity in every child.

Parent Portal

Introducing the Kidzonia App, a valuable extension of our services. Daily snapshots capturing children engaging in diverse activities are shared, ensuring parents stay informed about their child’s progress and experiences. Kidzonia’s Application represents our innovative approach to automating and streamlining various institution processes, from inquiries to student admissions, academic delivery, and monitoring. This user-friendly platform enables seamless communication between the school and parents, fostering collaborative efforts in child development and encouraging continuous feedback

Video Surveillance System

In Kidzonia Preschool, video surveillance systems play a vital role in guaranteeing a safe, protected, and healthy learning atmosphere for children. Each classroom is equipped with CCTV cameras to enhance safety and security, enabling the monitoring of teachers’ interactions and teaching techniques. These surveillance systems also track the movements of support staff, ensuring children’s safety throughout the premises at all times. Our dedicated staff actively oversees the environment, ensuring that children have a secure and nurturing indoor and outdoor space for their activities, learning, and interactions.

App-Based Learning

Incorporating learning apps into our teaching methods is a fundamental aspect of our educational approach. We have established an environment that nurtures imaginative thinking through technology. Each classroom is meticulously designed to facilitate meaningful learning experiences. All our classrooms are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including Wi-Fi connected TVs tailored for children’s use. During designated time slots, students engage with educational apps that promote cognitive development, foster creativity, and enhance critical thinking skills in an enjoyable manner.
App-Based Learning
Edge Learning Spaces

Cutting-Edge Learning Spaces

Kidzonia’s classrooms are expertly crafted to create a vibrant and spacious educational atmosphere. Each classroom is adorned with teaching aids aligned with the monthly theme, ensuring a dynamic and ever-changing class ambiance. Encouraging holistic development, children are motivated to explore, share, play, and express themselves while grasping different concepts. We provide separate sanitary facilities for both students and faculty members. Children rotate through a range of activities, including art, dance, taekwondo, music, and outdoor play, to foster diverse skills. Moreover, all our classrooms are air-conditioned, ensuring a comfortable environment for both students and faculty.
Cutting-Edge Learning Spaces