Our Learning Spaces and Amenities

Our Learning Spaces and Amenities

Learning is highly impacted by the the environment provided to the children to explore their creativity, therefore
Kidzonia learning spaces are very thoughtfully crafted to enhance learning all around the creative spaces specifically
keeping in mind the development needs of children.

Outdoor Play Area

Outdoor play is important for a child’s gross motor development. Therefore, every Kidzonia Preschool has a dedicated outdoor play area to encourage children’s movement and gross motor development. Children play with outdoor infrastructure such as slides and swings, or they enjoy time in the sand, water, or garden with tunnels, simple exercises, and toys.

Soft Gym

Kidzonia has a special, one-of-a-kind soft gym setup that incorporates simple gymnastic-style exercises. The soft gym allows children to go beyond simple movements and experiment with and explore complex movements while remaining safe. The complex movements also result in various developmental exercises, which aid in the development of children’s core strength and physical abilities. While experimenting with various activities in the set-up, children gain confidence in their own abilities and learn new skills. Soft play gyms that are active and exploratory help children learn new motor skills in a fun and stimulating environment.

Puppet Theatre

Puppets are a time-honored but highly effective method of teaching and emotionally engaging children in their early stages. Puppets are used to teach children and promote social and emotional bonding at Kidzonia. Puppet play encourages children to express themselves in a variety of ways while using their imagination and creativity. The use of puppets teaches children many positive behaviors such as sharing, helping, listening, and cooperating. Also, by encouraging children to act out stories, a door is opened for a young learner’s thoughts to express themselves, which helps them grow as individuals.

Parent Portal

The Kidzonia “Transmitter” App is a welcome addition to our facilities. Every day, pictures of children doing various activities are posted to keep parents up to date on their child’s development and activities. Kizonia Transmitter Application is our brilliant effort to automate and streamline the institution’s processes, beginning with inquiries and continuing through student admission, academic delivery, and monitoring. It also allows for two-way communication between the school and parents in order to facilitate collaborative efforts toward child development and continuous feedback.

CCTV Camera

CCTV surveillance systems in schools help to ensure that children learn in a safe, secure, and healthy environment. Every classroom has CCTV surveillance for safety and security, as well as to monitor the teachers’ attitudes and teaching methodologies. CCTV surveillance systems can track the movements of all support staff to ensure the safety of children on our premises around the clock. Our staff is constantly monitoring the environment to ensure that all children have a safe and nurturing indoor and outdoor environment in which to play, learn, and interact.

i-Pad Based Learning

Apple iPads play a critical role in our teaching and learning processes. Using technology, we create a space where minds can be free to imagine. Every classroom has been designed to promote effective learning. With the integration of Wi-Fi connected iPads for the children, we have made all of our classrooms hi-tech. Children spent a set amount of time using learning apps that promote cognitive development, unleash creativity, and improve thinking skills in a fun way.

Screen & Projector

Visual learning is far more effective than only auditory instructions, according to research. These aids provide complete examples for conceptual thinking while also creating an engaging

State-of-the-art Classrooms

The classrooms at Kidzonia are specially designed to provide a spacious and colourful learning environment. The classrooms are outfitted with teaching aids that correspond to the theme of the month, and the overall class design is dynamic and changes from month to month. To ensure overall development while learning various concepts, children are encouraged to explore, share, play, and express themselves. Separate sanitary facilities are available for both the children and the faculty. Children are rotated through various activities such as art and craft, dance, taekwondo, music, and outdoor play. All classrooms are air conditioned to provide students and faculty with a comfortable environment.