Why Kidzo Box?

It will enhance curiosity and creativity through experiential and hands-on activities and make learning fun and better for your little ones.

The box contains play-based activities meant to aid early childhood development in ways that are fun and explorative.

The box is carefully designed to ensure that the activities are stimulating, entertaining and age-appropriate to satiate the curiosity of the child and acquire the developmental goals.

Specially Designed

This 'Box of Joy' is for children aged 1.5 to 8 years

Activities are based on inputs from Early Childhood Development experts and provide creative and meaningful
engagement,focusing on different skills.

Theme and Concept related activities and vocabulary enriching exercises help in conceptual understanding and logical

The conceptual activities from the box are utilized during the virtual classes to give hands on experience for better
understanding of the concept, There are also many related fun activities planned by our team of experts to recap and
reinforce the concepts taught during the virtual classes.

Our activities are well designed focusing on the areas of Literacy , Numeracy, Conceptual Development and also help in
developing other skills like Social and Emotional Development, Logical Thinking and Fine Motor Skills etc.

What will your child learn?

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Conceptual Development

Parents Testimonials


Child Name: Vishnu Vardhan, Junior KG


Child Name: Vishnu Vardhan, Junior KG


Child Name: Vishnu Vardhan, Junior KG

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