Kidzonia International Preschool
The School Of Experiences
2 Year To 6 Years
Our Educational Program
Colour Play
Our preschoolers arrive at Kidzonia on their journey to grow and blossom. Children are blooming and ready to come out of their shells in their first experience with a world beyond their homes.
Zumba session
Kidzonia is like a second home for our kids. Children who are growing up quickly and want to explore on their own can improve their fine and gross motor skills by doing things like singing action songs, playing with water..
Science Experiments
Kidzo Junior
Our young children are now learning more than ever and growing up faster than ever. Every day, we are amazed by how much they want to learn and improve. We help them keep a good mood and be interested in..
Pool Party
Kidzo Senior
Our children have matured into confident learners, and we are now guiding them as they put their new abilities into practise. The Kidzonia family will have left an unforgettable effect on these youngsters by the time..
More Activities
Our daycare is the finest place for children aged 6 months to 12 years to have fun. Kidzonia Daycare centre offers a safe, secure, and caring environment. A colourful and one-of-a-kind curriculum is carefully built..