Our Teachers

 Kidzonia is a group of dedicated and experienced educators who work in the best interests of children. Together, teachers, support staff, coordinators, and members of the academic team make the Kidzonia experience truly unique and impactful for the young learners.

Early Childhood Care & Education

Working with young children necessitates an understanding of their emotional needs, as children are impressionable and sensitive. As a preschool teacher, you must have the skills necessary for emotional support in a classroom of young children. Along with this, they must have knowledge and skills in how to teach preschoolers, such as effective storytelling, voice modulation, lively rhymes, and the creation and use of effective learning materials to facilitate better learning experiences. Our teachers have the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitude to interact meaningfully with young children. With these, they have extensive experience in early childcare and education. We place a premium on human capital hiring, training, and retention because we recognise that teachers are the most important enablers for young learners.

Classroom Management Training

Classroom management is a critical aspect of teaching preschoolers. Preschoolers are very young, and they are stepping outside of their home comfort zone to include school as an extension of their familiar places. They learn better when they are at ease in their surroundings and with their caregivers. Furthermore, teachers must manage a group of children with varying learning styles while ensuring that they learn and develop effectively. Thus, at Kidzonia, teachers are constantly updated on sensitive and effective classroom management skills through the right guidance, ongoing training, and exposure to expert workshops to improve skills and address classroom concerns. Professionals and organisations affiliated with our school teach these classroom management skills. They address our practical concerns by providing new insights into child care. In turn, we ensure that your child remains in capable and safe hands.

In-service Training

At Kidzonia, teachers and academic team members receive ongoing workshops and training. We collaborate closely with early childhood education experts from across the country. These collaborative trainings and discussions enable us to stay current and implement innovative practices in the classroom. Ongoing workshops help our teachers learn new skills ranging from storytelling to phonics, music and movement to art. These trainings cover best practices for effective interactions with children, improved teaching methodology, and a variety of new techniques to improve our preschoolers’ learning experiences.